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White bottle carrier with isothermal bottle 500ml (colours options)

White bottle carrier with isothermal bottle 500ml (colours options)


Bottle carrier in 'cactus leather'

Available in black and white

Made in France

- 2 horizontal straps adjustable thanks to their buckles allowing to carry several diameters of bottle going from  22 cm to 28 cm.

- 1 strap with a buckle allows to adjust the length to the size of the person carrying it.

Isothermal bottle 500ml / stainless steel304

- Mat finishing , velvet touch

- The cap's colour matches the colours of the bottle's body giving a minimalistic look

- Double interior coating allowing to keep hot drinks for 12h and cold drinks for 24h

'Cactus leather' is an innovative and sustainable new technology made from opuntia ficus-indica more commonly known as prickly pear cactus.

'Cactus leather' is made from organic cactus and produced in strict accordance with the environment without using any chemical.

It is very resistant to slashes as well as water and has demonstrated extreme strength enabling an impressive durability. Its soft touch and its numerous features make it a strong competitor to standard animal leather.

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